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Selling Junk Car

selling junk car

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When selling junk car, we promise you to pay the most cash possible for your old car. We pride ourselves on our customer service and we promise to treat our customers with respect. These are the foundations of our business and we take them very seriously.

We will shop your old car around through all areas of the junk car industry and this allows us to figure out how to get the most money for a car and in return pay the most to our customers.

We are upfront and honest with our customers. If your car is not appropriate for resale we will tell you right away. In this case we will tell you the worth of your car in spare parts and scrap metal once we have spoken to our partners to get the most money for your vehicle.

Once a customer accepts our cash offer, we will schedule a pick up which works best with their time available and tow it away for free. We promise to show up on time with your cash in our hand.


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